Application Development is the connecting bridge that enables an idea to complete the journey from concept to reality. It’s as much about technology as it is about formulating and refining business processes. Our Application Development Services enable you to sustain a dynamic business strategy by accelerating the development of mission-critical applications, while maintaining the highest levels of quality and managing associated costs. MasterMinds specializes in end-to-end custom application development projects across a wide range of technologies such as J2EE, .Net, Data-Warehousing, ERP, HRMS, CRM, etc.
With the constant evolution of information technology and continued growth of the global economy; most clients prefer a scalable, extendable architecture that translates into 24/7 availability. Using MasterMinds development methodology, we leverage reusable components and domain expertise to deliver cost effective development solutions.

broad range of development services are designed to accelerate the software development process. Our experience allows us to follow a proven methodology that’s flexible enough to be customized to your requirements, ensures the highest levels of quality, reduces costs and improves performance and efficiencies.

defines, designs, develops and deploys a full range of software development services including product and application development, customization and enhancement. Knowledge transfer mechanisms and best practice adaptation and adoption ensure our ability to provide rapid prototyping, testing and performance analysis.

Maintance and Support

Trained and experienced talent pool
Our talented resource pool has vast expertise in various technologies and domains. Our extensive internal training programs and experienced trainers enhance both technical and team skills.

Proven process
Our consistent and proven process and methodology keep our clients coming back for more, with ever larger and more complex projects.

Metrics usage
Data capture, analysis and sharing of metrics with clients has resulted in increased confidence levels. Stringent goals for metrics measurement and analysis have contributed to an overall increase in team productivity.

The e-World has created innumerable opportunities for organizations to exploit their core business competencies by transforming their technology infrastructure from business to e-Business. It is imperative that organizations define the right strategy, adopt a viable business model, and choose wisely among the varied technology options.

Quality Testing
Providing Innovative Mission Critical Solutions
Testing can be the Achilles heel of Agile development, as successive iterations makes it difficult to thoroughly test a new application. MasterMinds consulting services overcomes this problem by employing a Test Driven Development approach and leveraging the expertise of our own Global Testing Center.

• Test lab setup
• Test plan and test design
• Installation testing
• Functionality testing
• Configuration / Compatibility testing
• Performance testing
• Interoperability and standards compliance testing
• Regression testing
• Test automation/scripting

Low risk. High reward
Testing is a low-risk, high-reward entry for Independent Software Vendors (ISV) looking for outsourcing services. ISVs and other software product developers need to test and qualify their products very rigorously using a variety of hardware and software configurations. Typically, the effort involves three-step iterative cycle: Build, Test and Release.

Full range of services
Masterminds Services offers a range of quality assurance and testing services, which include setting up of test labs, regression testing, functional testing, compatibility testing, integration testing, automation testing rational team test and performance testing. MasterMinds offers expert management and technical consulting on software testing, quality and software engineering.